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Acquired from the most legendary locations, our collection of coffee and goods were chosen to fuel you and face the demands of the day.
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the Trident
Armor is heavy, and the fight ahead great. We understand that to take the day, you need the warm brew necessary to carry you through the challenges ahead. Our dark roast reminds one of the dark murky waters that lay at the bottom of a riverbed where fates are decided. The Trident is a coffee for those prepared to stand at the edge-unflinching, and we are here to stand with you.
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We understand that modern warriors need the right fuel to conquer the day. With today’s demands of fitness, business, health and adventure, you’ll need the right decoction to support your grind. Themyscira’s medium-dark roast has the flavor and body to keep you on your ambitious path to success.
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medium (maple pecan)
The path ahead is unkind. Wind torn and rain soaked, it calls out to you; and you must return.What lies ahead is the unexpected, but what is certain is the inevitability of a new challenge. The path offers little in terms of comfort; what it can offer is a small, warm fire under the stars, and a mug of Beauclair Blend at the first rise of the sun. The Beauclair Blend has the necessary ingredients to ensure your success in any contract.
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medium (highland grog)
Struggle is understood universally. To rise against adversity is not only a daunting task, but also an exhilarating opportunity. To persevere endlessly against the unknown with no fear or respite is the noblest of all things. The Maethrillian blend is not only a coffee, but also a prelude to triumph. Armed with it, we are prepared for whatever frontiers lie ahead.
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