our story
our story
The History of Hamilton Trading co.
by tucker hamiilton
As a young man attending a military high school, my mates and I looked — in the long hours between holidays at home — for idols and heroes. We often found them in fiction and in history. Tenets and virtues rarely found in the modern man or woman, we learned and applied from an early age.

Our teachers were Spartans, Witchers, Amazons and Rangers. They were witches and wizards, Jedi and pirates. Then there were real men and women; the soldiers and athletes, the coaches and teachers, who taught us how to live like them in this day and age. Because these heroes – real and virtual — helped shape myself and those in my circle, we wanted to carry them with us. We wanted them to join us after the movie was over, the game was finished, or the last page was turned. We wanted to incorporate them into our lives in a way that showed how they had helped us. Fictional and real, these heroes were companions to our company of friends. We wanted to continue to live our lives in the same manner and with the same intensity we experienced alongside them.

I was fortunate enough to find those who are like me. Those who are fascinated and entranced by adventure, those called to become something more. We are desperate to display ourselves in the arena, to prove our virtue and our power. We are summoned to accomplish more than what has been placed before us. We came together and have continued seeking the feeling of life and excitement ever since. This is how the Hamilton Trading Company was born.

Our goal is to allow others to share in our adventures, to be able to witness what we have experienced. Our mission is to bring together those who seek out impossible challenges in a world that has convinced us that comfort is enough. To turn those ideas and dreams thought to be out of reach into our reality. To go on journeys and live a life that we were told only existed in movies, games, and books. To outfit those who feel the same with the tools they need to join us, or create a path of their own. Hamilton Trading Company is here to brace you for  the coldest mornings, stand with you though the longest nights, and supply you with the gear needed for the path less traveled.

We might be alone, but we doubt it.
about the founder
Tucker hamilton
Tucker Hamilton graduated from Gainesville, Georgia’s Riverside Military Academy in 2015. For more than 112 years, Riverside Military Academy has stood as one of the nation's preeminent military boarding schools. This military school is known for its exclusive military training, physical rigor and development of strong moral character.

In 2015, Tucker began his training at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he earned his degree in Systems Engineering. The U.S. Military Academy at West Point remains one of the world’s leading institutions in the areas of academic distinction, physical excellence, leadership training and character development.

Tucker graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in May of 2019. He was selected to be an infantry officer upon requesting that branch. He has since successfully completed the U.S. Army Ranger School, earned his Ranger tab and continued on to serve with the 10th Mountain Division.
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